Learn Muay Thai Chaiya at Sukko Spa, Phuket

Learn Muay Thai Chaiya at Sukko Spa, Phuket

Muay Thai Chaiya is an old style of Muay Thai, with its roots based on the battlefields of ancient Thailand.

An effective form of self defense, Muay Chaiya is a full martial art with a level of detail not to be found in the popular modern Muay Thai sport. Often described as the ‘Turian Style’ after the prickly fruit, due to the emphasis on blocking with the elbows and knees, Muay Chaiya concentrates on damaging the opponents weapons (arms legs etc) whilst blocking.

Muay Chaiya is taught differently from modern Muay Thai, with more emphasis on technique and form instead of the concentration on pure body conditioning. The classes include challenging exercises that help the student practice key movements that are used within the style.

Muay Chaiya can be learnt by people of all ages, both men and women, for exercise, self-defense and competitive fighting.

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Muay Thai Chaiya at Sukko Spa

Windmill Viewpoint

Windmill Viewpoint

This is a very beautiful location, another one of Phuket’s scenic viewpoints offering a great panoramic view from on high. Not only do you have a great view of the beautiful Nui beach, but also, the very popular and charming Nai Harn beach. These beaches have beautiful white sand, and in the tourist season, you can see many elegant yachts moored in the clear, crisp turquoise sea. If you enjoy fishing, you can take a shortcut to the rocks below by following the path through the grass, or if you want to take even more scenic photos, you can stop along the path for a unique photo opportunity through the golden grass.

Getting to the Windmill Viewpoint is as easy as following the island road from Nai Harn Beach, or Promthep Cape. The roads are windy and steep, but in good condition. Be careful to steer, and not be distracted by the beautiful views!

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket THAILAND

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket

THAILANDNai Harn beach is not a long beach, but it has beautiful clear water, white sand, pine trees along the edge of the beach, creating a great atmosphere to relax in. It is public land, so there hasn’t been the rapid development of hotels like at other beaches. This beach is popular with foreigners and locals who are looking for a place to relax, and swim. Care should be taken during the monsoon sea, as the waves can become large and it can be dangerous for swimmers.Close to the beach is a reservoir with a small island and a connecting bridge. The island is shaded by pine trees, making it a cool place to relax, and there is even a playground for children to play.

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket THAILAND

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket THAILAND

At the end of the beach is the hotel Le Meridian Yacht Club, and if you drive through and follow the road, you will come to Sane Bay. In Sane Bay is quite and isolated, and there is a single small resort that is not well known, by tourists and residents of Phuket alike.

The road runs along the base of a hill from which you have a clear view of Nai Harn Beach and the Windmill Viewpoint. Sane Bay is more rocky than most beaches in Phuket, and you may see locals fishing for fish and squid. It is only fews kilometers from the hotel, and the beach is small with lots of rocks, which makes it a nice place for a quiet swim, and the shallow water and coral reef make it popular with skin divers.

Close to the hotel, Sane Bay offers a very close alternative to the usual beach buzz, with a quiet and calm atmosphere giving those who visit the chance for real rest and relaxation.

Getting to Nai Harn Beach is simply a case of following the coastal road from Promthep Cape, or use the shortcut from Rawai Beach, and it is only 18km from Phuket Town.

Yanui Beach Phuket THAILAND

Yanui Beach Phuket THAILAND

Nui Beach is a very small beach that lies between Promthep Cape and Nai Harn Beach, along the island’s coastal road. This beach is well known, as it has two separate areas that can be used for swimming all year round. This is because of the beaches location, and large waves rarely reach the beach. It also has a coral reef, that can be explored by both divers, and people wishing to snorkel.

Promthep Cape, Phuket THAILAND
Promthep Cape, Phuket THAILAND

Promthep Cape is the most famous cape in Phuket, as it is the best location to watch the beautiful sunset in breathtaking scenery. Promthep Cape is found at the southern most tip of Phuket Island, and from the viewpoint you can admire the sunset without trees or hills obscuring your view.

Outside of the beautiful sunsets, Promthep Cape is a top scenic spot and top photo opportunity during the daytime. The view in every direction from the point has something different to offer. To the east is Rawai Beach and various islands including, if the weather is clear, Koh Pee Pee. To the west you can see Coral Island, Loan Island and the huge expanse of the open ocean. To the North, you can see the coastal road that will take you to Nui Beach and the charming Nai Harn beach with its beautiful white sand.

If you really want to see the sunset in full glory, you’d better be quick, because you will need to claim your place before the sun hits the water. If you come late, you may have problems finding a space to park or even a place to stand, especially during a festival, as there can be many, many people.

If you’re a photographer, and you want a picture of the sun setting behind the cape, then it is recommended that you go to the Promthep Temple. You can find the entrance on the road leading from Rawai, 500m before you reach the parking lot for Promthep Cape. From here, you can get a clear shot of the headland, with the sun setting behind, a shot that most people do not get. In addition, you don’t need to fight with the crowds of tourists who usually go to the cape itself.

Rawai Beach is found on the southern most tip of Phuket Island, located very near to the Promthep Cape which is famous as a great spot to enjoy Phuket’s beautiful sunsets. Rawai Beach isn’t overly popular with tourists because the water is slightly murky, and not the clean clear waters that can be found at many of the beaches on the west coast of the island. But when the tide is full, and the water at its highest, the view at Rawai Beach is truly beautiful and very popular with photographers. It is also very comfortable in the afternoons and early evening, as there are pine trees situated along the shoreline that can offer a welcome respite from the hot sun.


Besides the beach there is also the harbor which offers convenient access to them various islands to be found at the southern end of Phuket. For example, Koh Hay (Coral Island) and Koh Racha (Racha Island) which can bothe be accessed by either long-tail boat, speed boat, or for a more leisurely trip the white ferry’s can offer chances to enjoy the scenery and take photographs.

If you venture to the western end of Rawai Beach it is possible to witness the traditional fishermen who still make a living catching fresh fish and produce from the sea. To get a feel for their authentic way of life you can visit the fishermen’s village where you can see them selling their catches, and also handcrafts made from the sea, which make great souveniers.

It’s easy to believe that when traveling in Phuket, people want to eat fresh seafood next to the sea, in a place with a great atmosphere. But if you come to Phuket for a longer stay, and you want to eat seafood everyday, then it is very possible that you will run out of money!


So here’s some advice to help you find delicious food that is up to scratch and at an affordable price.

These places are not hard to locate as they can be found in the large departments stores such as Central Festival, Jungcelon, Tesco Lotus, Index Living Mall and BiG C. As well as having plenty of stores for shopping, these are great places to find a large variety of restaurants all serving delicious foods (except Index Living Mall which only has one restaurant).

These restaurants have all types of food including Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and even European ranging from 30 to 300 baht per dish. These prices usually reflect the service that you will find in each restaurant.

If you like Japanese food, Fuji and Zen have extremely fresh and tasty food. Or if you’re really hungry and want to eat as much as you can, go to Index Living Mall, and find Oishi Buffet who provide fresh Japanese buffet, where you can have all you can eat for 3xx baht.

If you like Thai food and great tasting coffee try S&P or Black Canyon, which have a good selection of Thai food that is tailored more for foreign tastes.

However, if you want to try something a little different go to the food court in every store, where they have a huge variety of foods at very reasonable prices.