Many people have a real headache when their check out time is many hours before their flight leaves. Spending 3 hours or more waiting in Phuket airport is no fun at all because there’s nothing to do, unless you have an unread book at hand.

If you don’t, here’s some ideas of how to spend the time

Shopping Shopping & Shopping :
Phuket has much more to offer than just white sand beaches and ocean.  It is also a center for shopping, catering to many types of shoppers. For example if you’ve ever stayed at Patong Beach, you must have passed the many street side stalls and shops.  Maybe you stopped and asked the price of something that caught your eye, or bought a nice t-shirt or watch.

These shops usually are open in the evening, so this may not be of use if you’ve an early flight to catch! If this is the case, you should try one of the many department stores, which have a huge variety of shops and restaurants.

The first to recommend is Jungcelon in Patong, which is a large store which has enough shops to keep anyone satisfied! Or, if you are staying in Phuket Town or at a different beach, you should try shopping at Central Festival. Shopping in Phuket Town is great if you are looking for brand named goods. Also, many shops give 5% discount for tourists!

Bowling/ Watching movies : Shopping is great if you have only 2-3 hours before your flight, but if you have more time, you may want to look for other activities such as bowling or going to watch a movie. There are two locations that have both bowling and a cinema, Jungcelon at Phatong Beach and Ocean in Phuket Town. Or, if you don’t mind a short walk, you could watch a movie at Central Festival, and then walk 400-500 metres to Big C for some fun bowling.

spa package : Many people come to Phuket for Sea, Sand and Sun but going to a Spa is another activity that Phuket offers in abundance. If you know that you will have a problem with an early checkout, you could plan to have a spa session to relax you and help the return journey be more comfortable. You may even be able to get some sleep on the journey home!

One thing you should know is that a ‘Spa’ and a ‘Massage Shop’ is not the same thing. We recommend that you don’t go for massages in the smaller massage shops, because they don’t have packages that ensure your full relaxation. Instead, you should choose one of the larger, more famous spas in Phuket. Also, the larger spas usually have a shuttle service that will pick you up and drop you off, so that you don’t have to worry about organizing transport for the round trip.

The first location we would recommend is the Cheraim Spa which is close to Central Festival, which is very convenient if you are on your way to the airport. And if you have spare time, you could also go shopping at Central Festival.

We would also highly recommend Sukko Spa which, as well as offering a variety of spa packages that last between 2 to 4 hours, or you could mix and match our facilities to create your own personal package to suit your schedule. And if you have kids, Sukko Spa offers a child care service to look after your kids, so you can really relax and get the best out of the last day of your holiday.


Wandering through the Talang Street of the old Phuket town it is impossible not to notice the many fabric houses lining half the street. If you are looking for a more cultural gift or just a souvenir then these fabric shops are the ideal place for a visit.

Mainly aimed for locals, these shops stock many types of fabrics used in the traditional Phuket outfit. Amongst the most colorful of these fabrics is the ‘Batae’, a type of Javanese printed or hand painted cloth using wax to make fine patterns before dipping the cloth into different colored dyes.      

The ‘Batae’ cloth has many uses, from home decoration as table cloth, or can be made into very chic pillow cases as well as playing a vital part in the traditional Phuket life.

In the olden days when at home, Phuket ladies wear the ‘Batae’ by draping the cloth as a sarong perfect for the hot, humid weather. Add a lace blouse and these ‘Batae’ sarongs are made instantly fit for a formal occasion, true Phuket style.

So if you’re looking for a souvenir that is going to reflect the real Phuket culture and its influences, then these relatively cheap, beautiful ‘Batae’ cloth must be taken into consideration! 🙂

Phuket is a tourist town that is famous for the beautiful sea and beach scenery, that has been compared with the beaches of France.

Regarding travelling around the island, there are many options available including renting a car to drive yourself around, hiring a taxi, or using one of the many Tuk Tuks or taxis that can be found waiting outside the hotels and residences. These are popular because they are very convenient, and can take you to a wide variety of interesting locations around the island.

Another popular and cheap form of transport found in Phuket is the Song Thaeo. These wood trimmed, light blue vehicles are named after the two (sawng) rows (thaeo) of seats that can accommodate many passengers. Some of these also have a third row of seats, and offer an even lower price.

Song Thaeos  run regularly along the public roads of Phuket, especially between Phuket Town and the main beaches including Kata, Karon, Rawai, Phatong and Nai Yang and can deliver you to many interesting locations on the way.

Riding in Song Thaeos also offer the advantage of being able to appreciate the passing scenery around the island, the fresh air and you also have the opportunity to meet a wide variety of local people.

When there are lots of people, it is not uncommon to see young men standing on the back step hanging on, and even sitting on the roof when there is no room below! 

(Photo by NeoPhuket)

Regarding the price, this is one of the most affordable forms of transport on the island, with trips costing between 30-60 baht and offers and interesting alternative to what you may be used to.

So when you’re visiting Phuket, you mustn’t forget to try this charming and convenient form of transport.

Phuket is a tropical island, and as like in any tropical paradise diarrhea or food poisoning could really be a hinder in your perfect vacation. Not that drinking water or food in Phuket is particularly unsafe, but taking just a few precautions shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Don’t drink tap water
  • Drink bottled water where possible (look for those with the ‘safety food’ sign or known in Thai as ‘or yor‘ given by the Food and Drugs Administration of Thailand).
  • Always check that the seal on the bottled drinks are intact

There are quite a number of local drinking water brands that are reliable – just be sure to check for the ‘safety food’ sign.


  • Phuket has many exotic dishes to offer, but make sure you know what the ingredients are before you start enjoying the food, as allergic ingredients such as nuts and shellfishes are particularly popular in oriental cuisines
  • Be cautious when trying new, exotic local dishes, as your digestive may not be used to some of the ingredients.
  • When possible try to choose newly cooked food over those that are left for a long time, as in the warm weather food goes bad easily.

A good tip when trying new dishes is to trust your instincts – if you feel that the food is too weird for your taste, don’t risk it!

Staying in good health is a vital part of enjoying a holiday, so make sure that you are having a good diet as well as having fun experiencing new things. Happy Holidays!

No, this is not about Cannes or Hollywood. The red carpet we’re talking about is the carpet of red firecrackers left covering the streets of Phuket town during the famed Vegetarian Festival processions.

If you come to Phuket thinking that the sea, sand and sun are the only things there is to experience then you can think again. As apart from the attractions of a beautiful tropical island Phuket also offers many interesting traditions and festivals resulting from the diverse culture.

Amongst one of the most popular festival amongst excitement-seeking tourists is the Vegetarian Festival, a festival of Toaist Chinese origin now found only in Phuket and several bordering provinces.

The Vegetarian Festival was said to have started in Phuket when an illness spread across a village formed during the tin mining years called ‘Baan Nai Tu’ (now Krathu). At the time there was a group of Pekking Opera performers from China residing in the area, so when the members caught the illness they carried out ‘jia chai’ (Chinese) or the Vegetarian Festival in order to honour the gods ‘Kiew Ong Tai The’ and ‘Yok Ong Sone The’ and drive away the bad fortune. By retaining from the consumption of all animal products and eating only freshly cooked food under the rituals the illness subsided. The Vegetarian Festival is then adopted by the locals across Phuket and nearby areas and carried out yearly on the ninth lunar month in accordance to the traditional Chinese calendar.


The restaurant Thamachad is a corner of Phuket that is decorated and surrounded by nature. The feeling of being in a hilltop jungle, peaceful except for the sound of bird song, paired  with the sounds of the nearby small waterfall. It was planned to have the most natural atmosphere. It’s not at all strange to find out that customers come all the time are tourists  and local people. To compliment the natural atmosphere, the staff of this restaurant take great pride in providing the highest quality of service, and will welcome you with a delicious selection of Thai food such as Tom Yum Goong,  Tom Ka Gai, Green Curry or one of many famous Thai dishes that will make your mouth water.

Every year, many new resorts open around Phuket. Now however, lots of new resorts are being built away from the famous beaches like Phatong, Kata or Karon because there is not enough land left to make resorts that would be attractive and appealing to visitors, as these areas are already built up with resorts and hotels. Many new resorts are now being built near the beaches on the eastern side of the Phuket which still has beautiful green landscapes, and some are being built in the hills, and have wonderful sea views. Because if you go to a resort close to the beach, you may be disappointed the beaches on the east coast don’t have the same selling points such as the beautiful sunsets and some places are muddy, and only look as beautiful at high tide.

This resort is called Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort, and can be likened to a small village were you will feel warmly welcomed and looked after in the traditional Thai fashion. After entering the front gates, appreciate the traditional murals lining the walls on the way to the lobby where your party can check in. The spa villas access by traditional horse or cattle cart. There is a steam room, massage bed and jacuzzi in the villa, providing a true Spa Resort experience.

If you are someone who is fascinated by Thai culture and would like to experience authentic cultural activities, then you should look no further. As a Five Star Spa, Sukko Spa offers the chance to learn things such as Thai herbology, Thai cooking and Thai vegetable and fruit carving. Also, we offer courses that will help improve your body and health such as Muay Thai Chaiya, Aqua Exercise and Ashtanga Yoga to help you thoroughly enjoy your relaxing holiday.


On your next day off or holiday, if you feel the need for true relaxation, Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort maybe the answer you’re looking for. As well as finding the peace and relaxation you need, you can also absorb the beauty and tranquility of traditional Thai culture.

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