Phuket is a tropical island, and as like in any tropical paradise diarrhea or food poisoning could really be a hinder in your perfect vacation. Not that drinking water or food in Phuket is particularly unsafe, but taking just a few precautions shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Don’t drink tap water
  • Drink bottled water where possible (look for those with the ‘safety food’ sign or known in Thai as ‘or yor‘ given by the Food and Drugs Administration of Thailand).
  • Always check that the seal on the bottled drinks are intact

There are quite a number of local drinking water brands that are reliable – just be sure to check for the ‘safety food’ sign.


  • Phuket has many exotic dishes to offer, but make sure you know what the ingredients are before you start enjoying the food, as allergic ingredients such as nuts and shellfishes are particularly popular in oriental cuisines
  • Be cautious when trying new, exotic local dishes, as your digestive may not be used to some of the ingredients.
  • When possible try to choose newly cooked food over those that are left for a long time, as in the warm weather food goes bad easily.

A good tip when trying new dishes is to trust your instincts – if you feel that the food is too weird for your taste, don’t risk it!

Staying in good health is a vital part of enjoying a holiday, so make sure that you are having a good diet as well as having fun experiencing new things. Happy Holidays!