Thailand has had 2 Miss Universes already, but they cannot be compared with the winner from Venezuela. But if we talk about Miss Queen International, then Thailand can be considered the crowned winner.

Even myself a resident of Phuket, has a problem deciding whether some of the girls I see when strolling around the pubs and bars in Phatong are men or women. This is because, other than their faces, they are as, if not more beautiful than a real women. Phuket has become a center for lady boys, and is inferior only to Bangkok and Pattaya. This is because, Phuket is a center for night-time entertainments and amusements and is a treasure trove for lady boys and is heaven for tourists who like lady boys as well.

The majority of these lady boys are especially talented in dance and entertainment, and if you like to see highly decorated performers, or if your partner or kids like fun performances, we recommend taking them to the Simon Cabaret, as this is guaranteed to be an impressive show.